Bringing new perspectives

Meet Anja, a new volunteer working with Our Home Nakuru. She has been using her skills to assist us in our community development projects. This week, she’s been dedicating her time to clamping down internships for students through our Capacity Building project. Here’s a few words she has to stay about her work with the project so far…

As was mentioned in one of the previous entries, we had our first ‘capacity building‘ seminar a few months ago. Now, the project is being brought on a whole new level.

In Universities, students are being stuffed with loads of theory and textbook knowledge, but rarely have an opportunity to have a first-hand experience in their area. Not to mention that job opportunities are rarely presented to them at any stage of University course and nobody is given a placement upon successful graduation. So, each year thousands of fresh graduates with loads of talent and enthusiasm are left with a piece of paper that lists all their acquired qualifications and no idea what to do next.

managerGraduating from University and kick-starting your career in the field rarely have anything in common. It is not about your talent, not even about your passion, it is always about the connections you make – and there is nothing wrong about it. Interpersonal skills is the first thing one must learn. Unless you can afford an agent/secretary.

The youth empowerment project of Our Home Nakuru in collaboration with Rivelco Agrifoods Ltd. allows young people to try themselves in such simple things as how to write a smashing curriculum vitae, deliver a killer speech at the workshop, successfully sell your skills at a job interview and actually get a 3-month internship that would increase your career potential in the future. These are a lot of ‘how to-s’.

Working as an intern with Rivelco means being part of a great team and a company that grows and supplies mushrooms to the biggest restaurants, hotels and food joints all over Kenya – and expanding to the nearby countries too. It means gaining some invaluable experience, practising your skills and proudly filling up your CV.


The presentation we gave a few days ago in Mt. Kenya University of Nakuru was focusing on the necessity to explain what long-term perspectives are. It is quite common in African mentality to consider tomorrow as the furthermost perspective in life, hence the lack of long-term planning and commitment. Most of the students at the presentation were interested in the immediate payment and benefits that the internship would bring them. Our ideological guru Farah gave an amazingly inspirational speech about the importance of experience over immediate material benefits, and how filling up your CV gives a rewarding result in the end. This is something to learn for students all over the world.

6 placements will be awarded for the internship program that will kick off in September 2013, for aspiring sales and marketing managers, media enthusiasts and other final year students.


We must underline that our selection is not entirely limited to final year students in marketing, sales, business studies et cetera. We will consider applications from University graduates, freshmen with any degree or area of interest. The only thing they must do – along with other applicants – is to convince us that they are in need of this internship opportunity and explain what career benefits and self-development they are hoping to pull out of the 3 months with Rivelco Agrifoods Ltd. For more information about the company, refer to their website and please DO ask questions.